About Us

I'm asked all the time, "Why do you run in a suit?". It's simple really, it makes people smile. They see me running in my suit, tie, fedora, and dress shoes and they're astonished, they laugh, they love the originality. They like that it's different and a little outside the box. When the spectators and runners smile, I smile, and I run another mile. It's fun and kind of unique. I mean, who runs in a suit?Initially, I ran as Indiana Jones. I bought the outfit the year before for a Halloween party and after it was over I thought, 'Is that the only time I'm going to wear that?' Then I remembered the beginning of the movie when he was running through the jungle yelling to his buddy to start the plane. So I tried running a race dressed like Indy. It got a lot of attention and I got a lot of exposure.